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Neolon Buoyancy Foam

Keil Maritime hold local stock of buoyancy boat foam available in two sizes; 

2.4 m X 1.2 m in 50 mm or 100 mm thicknesses.

Would your boat continue to float if it was swamped or capsized?

Would it have the ability to float in a level position? 

If the worst should happen on your next fishing venture, level flotation greatly increases the chances of survival, giving time to reach life-saving equipment and in some cases, time to bail water from your boat. 


The ability to float level is even more ideal for Top End conditions, allowing you to stay within the vessel and protect you and your passengers from dangerous marine life. 

Keil Maritime are proud stockists of Neolon buoyancy foam, this closed-cell polyethylene is of recycled material and formulated to:

  • Resist hydrocarbon and chemical solvents (i.e. fuel/oil resistant) 

  • Extend resilience and durability

  • Fire and heat resistance

  • Low density for maximum flotation

  • Resistant to marine growth, mildew, mould and rot

  • Non-toxic and will not absorb water.

Foam is available for purchase from our office and the team can also offer full service in 

calculating the amount of foam required along with arranging an experienced team with an equipped workshop to provide an installation service for you.

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