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Safety Management

Safety Management System (SMS) is compulsory in all domestic commercial vessels. This system demonstrates and documents how your vessel, or fleet meet mandatory safety duties. 

A safety management system should be based on a risk assessment of your operations, and describe how safety, maintenance and daily operations are managed. 

Our team is available to assist with free assessment of your SMS to ensure it is compliant with Marine Order 504. We also offer SMS templates including Risk Assessments.

The staff of Keil Maritime provide guidance in ensuring your vessel is suitably equipped with appropriate safety equipment, and can be available to conduct safety auditing for your peace of mind. 

Contact the team today for any of your safety queries.



  • Vessel and contact details

  • Risk assessment

  • Owner’s responsibility and authority statement

  • Designated persons

  • Master’s responsibility and authority statement

  • Resources and personnel

  • Procedures for onboard operations

  • Emergency preparedness

  • Follow-up on hazardous occurrences and non-conformances

  • Maintenance of vessel and equipment

  • Documentation

  • Verification, review and evaluation

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